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Businesses, schools, institutions, and other corporate bodies, are very much in need of software applications for easy transaction recording, and management of both the personnel, finance and other resources.

We are prided with the reputation of providing unique, standard and user friendly softwares for our clients that meets their needs and desires.

Our Software Applications are in the following categories:

  • School Management System
  • Record Management System
  • Result Management System
  • Hotel Management System

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Our Satisfied Clients

  • Seagate Hotel and Suites Ltd
  • J.Jumac Hotels and Towers Ltd
  • Jesse Hotel Ltd
  • Teemartins Group
  • Origin Hotels and Suite Ltd
  • Anambra State Aquaculture Value Chain Innovation Platform
  • Journal of Agriculture and Agricultural Technology - FUT Minna
  • International Journals of Applied Biological Research
  • Whyte View Hotel Ltd
  • Etogem Ventures
  • VM Technologies Ltd
  • Ujuokris Foundation                                        
  • Nkala Iyke Foundation
  • Royal-Saints International Schools Awka
  • Funhouse Preparatory School Minna
  • Brand new Homes Limited
  • Umuawulu Town
  • Nigerian Association of Agricultural Economists