What We Do :: Software Development / Mobile Applications

As the world is witnessing gradual technological paradigm shift from the conventional platform to a more portable platform. We are innovating creatively to ensure we take a leading position in creating mobile applications that will be of useful benefit to our clients and the general users.

Our Mobile Applications are in the following categories:

  • Mobile Website
  • Mobile Software

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Our Satisfied Clients

  • Seagate Hotel and Suites Ltd
  • J.Jumac Hotels and Towers Ltd
  • Jesse Hotel Ltd
  • Teemartins Group
  • Origin Hotels and Suite Ltd
  • Anambra State Aquaculture Value Chain Innovation Platform
  • Journal of Agriculture and Agricultural Technology - FUT Minna
  • International Journals of Applied Biological Research
  • Whyte View Hotel Ltd
  • Etogem Ventures
  • VM Technologies Ltd
  • Ujuokris Foundation                                        
  • Nkala Iyke Foundation
  • Royal-Saints International Schools Awka
  • Funhouse Preparatory School Minna
  • Brand new Homes Limited
  • Umuawulu Town
  • Nigerian Association of Agricultural Economists